All the places I have been, the amazing experiences I have had
and the wonderful people I have met, have helped me become who I am.”

Life’s pathway can be predictable and steady, but it’s usually unforeseeable and uncertain, requiring us to learn to change and transform. No doubt, we are all in this together and our relationships to one another provide not only comfort, but also a safe space to find clarity and direction, insight and answers.

It’s Possible to Live Life Vibrant

about-live-life-vibrantAs an Artist, Author, Intuitive and Coach, I assist those I work with by leading them through the stressful situations in their lives, whether it be difficult decisions, heartbreak, career changes, relationship woes, family problems or just a desire to reinvigorate and re-prioritize their lives.

Obstacles on the path are often quite challenging but it is in the overcoming that we are able to emerge victorious and Live Life Vibrant.

When deep in struggle, I have reached to understand what life is trying to teach me. I early adopted the adage, “Man, know thyself,” and have sought both wisdom teachings from around the world and everyday experiences to deepen my compassion for myself and others. I believe baffling situations can be unraveled, problems can be solved and our souls can emerge refined and ready for the next step on the journey.

Sampling Life like a Buffet

When I left my quiet home in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania, I did not have a plan at all. I just knew, from all the books I had devoured as a child, that there were rich adventures awaiting me if only I took action. Starting in New York City and London, I waited on tables and sampled life like a big buffet. I saw corners of the world I had never even imagined and met people of all stripes and persuasions. I eventually found myself pursuing life’s deeper meaning and the values of community and spiritual life.

My journey of experience eventually landed me peacefully in the heart of the majestic Rocky Mountains. As I served thousands of meals, supervised hundreds of colleagues from around the globe, ran businesses and worked with children and families, I began to see that my own life lessons could be of benefit to others.


Being Who You Really Want to Be

My belief in the innate wisdom we all hold in our hearts became my guiding principle. Writing, traveling, cooking and creating along the way, my role as a HeartSupport Coach and Intuitive was eventually born under the blue skies of Montana. I love digging in the garden of human potential, the field of big dreams, where nothing is ever stopping you from being who you really want to be.

The dynamics of working with friends and clients, supporting them through both struggle and stress, and collaborating to create new insights and visions, is both my joy and my reward. In the process of re-igniting our worthiness and courage, we are able to lend a hand to one another and take another step towards our own inner peace and wellbeing.

For more about me see www.blueheaven.net

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