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  1. Watching from my back porch, I was so grateful for the funny solar eclipse glasses. Putting them on was like stepping into another dimension! Such clarity. Makes you realize how much magic around us we don’t usually see. I found it all very inspiring.

  2. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for sharing. Eclipse was very cool and harmonious I agree!
    My favorite beach in town is alongside a nature preserve/bird sanctuary. Both are very special, peaceful & beautiful.I spent morning time there in quiet and meditation tuning in to the energy of Helios & Vesta. (my intent anyway)

    Just at the time of the eclipse, my friends arrived. We put on our certified eclipse glasses and watched it all right there on the beach!! Partial eclipse of course but still so marvelous. A family then joined us probably because we were oooing and ahhhing so much. This family did not have eclipse glasses, however, they made their own devices out of cardboard, 1 very large box and 2 out of cereal boxes. The boxes worked splendidly. We shared our glasses with them and they shared their homemade viewers with us. What a grand time.

    Eclipse was phenomenal! The energy joyful, invigorating! Remember the song: Dawning/Age of Aquarius by the 5th Dimension? We were singing & dancing to it on the beach. You Tube if you feel so moved. Love, Em

  3. what a Blessing, Susan, to sit quietly with your brother…You have become closer these last few years and I have the sense the conj of the Sun, male Principle with the Moon, the female Principle during this monumental Eclipse, only portends a greater closeness to come…lovely experience and thank you for sharing…

  4. Susan,

    I love those childhood memories too. And it’s weird to me that I remember when your brother was in diapers. Sh… don’t tell him.

    It’s true. We all looked up in unity. May that moment carry us forward for a long time.

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