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  1. Yes, it is a purity of heart that enables us, like the farmer, to remain free of the inevitable unconscious pettiness around us, thereby continuing in the flow, down the river as we respond to the changing conditions. In some circles, it would be called “God’s will.” This Will is the opposite of autocracy, as it is unique for every co-creator with God.

  2. What is the universe doing FOR me (not TO me)? How can everything that happens be the best possible thing no matter what it looks like or even feels like at the time? Maybe faith is a benevolent universe is the beginning of wisdom.

  3. Indeed, Kathleen. In fact, Gregg Braden recently stated that it’s been scientifically proven that the universe is not only just friendly but is a whole and responsive being. And that all of the elements of that universe are also within us.

  4. Beckoning courage and fearlessness……A true call of the hour.
    This is a lovely story. A man truly at peace with himself. The farmer, in his heart’s desire, made a courageous change, expanded his ~universe~ for the better, all the while non-attached to the outcome and non-attached to the energy spiraling round about him from his neighbors.

    ✨💞✨Thank you all for your inspirational thoughts. ✨💞✨ They reminded me of moments when I do ponder the universe(s). I am in awe. All one (beyond the beyond) magnanimous fireball of energy, at peace in its core, yet always growing, pulsating, expanding, recreating itself, always in motion, giving and giving. I think of the saying: “I’m not only a drop in the ocean, I AM the Ocean.”

  5. Pondering your thoughts, as I contemplate the coming of the morning……always you offer some ‘newness’ to enjoy. Thanks, Susan….

  6. To me the big lesson seems to be: keep an open mind. Don’t think you got it all figured out. And pray for guidance. This is what I feel inspired to do. In other words, stay humble.

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