HeartSupport Life Coaching Program Sessions

It’s my delight to introduce you to these soul-to-soul sessions, where we can explore the uniqueness of who you are and give your life the jumpstart it needs for the next part of your journey. Whether I am offering you a listening ear, some tools for transformation, a wise word of counsel or a message from spirit, our session will be designed and personalized just for you!

HeartSupport Life Coaching Sessions are available by phone, email or Skype
anywhere worldwide, or in person in the greater Livingston, Montana, USA area.
Contact Susan at or 406-581-5858 today to schedule your sessions.

*Special Speed Session   *HeartSupport Guidance  
*HeartSupport Life Coaching Packages
  *Coaching Follow-up

Special Speed Guidance Session

Do you have a burning question or a critical decision to make? Are you unraveling a knotty problem or facing a challenging new situation? This guidance session is your answer! And it’s probably a great time for a quick Heart2Heart Reading.

Special Speed Guidance: 30 minutes for $45

HeartSupport Guidance

What’s next for you? Is it time to revitalize your goals and re-set your sails? Your unique story will help us activate and re-frame a new personalized picture for your immediate future and give you some achievable action steps to get there. A Heart2Heart Reading may also help to clarify and expand your vision during this one-time session.

HeartSupport Guidance: 60 minutes for $90

HeartSupport Life Coaching Packages

I also offer continuing sessions where we can dive deeply into your dreams for the future. Powerful questions and dynamic exercises will assist you in naming the obstacles you are facing in achieving your goals and developing some courageous habits to overcome them. Your unique skills and talents will be the key to breaking old patterns and beliefs as you move into a new vibrant chapter of your life. We’ll explore your ability to be flexible in the midst of change and celebrate your newfound confidence and victories as the transformation in your life becomes the new normal.

HeartSupport Life Coaching Sessions at Package Prices: 4 Session Package $300, 6 Session Package $450, 8 Session Package $600, 12 Session Package $900  –   Contact me for details!

Coaching Follow-Up

It is often the case that our enthusiastic plans for going forward need a little tweaking while you are in process, and the need for some follow-up arises. These sessions are determined by you and are also designed by you in terms of time and focus, after you have participated in any of the sessions above. We’ll work together to iron out any details and put the finishing touches on your transformation.

Coaching Follow-up: Contact Susan for details.