As a Life Coach, all kinds of elements of our lives can at times use some assistance or collaboration in order to you to move forward to reach your goals. Here are some of the Blue Heaven services I offer in addition to HeartSupport Coaching and inspirational Heart2Heart Readings.

I’d love to hear from you!
Connect with me at 406-581-5858 or to plan your project.

Vision Boarding

I’ve led many Vision Board Workshops and have watched so many dreams come true! People have sold houses, found their next office, manifested their hot tub and found deeper meaning in their lives.

“Not long after I attended your workshop, I was able to move my therapy practice to the office with the exact number on the door that I had put on my vision board, and I started attracting more clients.” – LH, Bozeman, Montana

Envisioning Consultations: for finishing your own board, assisting your small group of friends to workshop their boards together, helping your business take the next step, or simply answering your vision boarding questions.

Your Personal Home Projects

Need help? I love organizing, de-cluttering, refreshing and re-vitalizing. When your home or office reflects your vision, your creativity and success will soar. Kitchens, closets, simple feng shui, lifestyle ideas, storage solutions.

“What a delight working with you! Your creative solutuions and organizational ideas were such a fantastic help to me. Now I have my projects under control. Thank you!” – Teri, Montana

Project Collaboration: Let’s see how I can help you.

Writing Services

My writing experience over the course of forty years includes short stories, tales for children, articles, advertising, editing and web content. With a critical eye for details and a quickness to understand your purpose, I can help you meet your own writing goals.

“You really drilled down on my manuscript and that’s what I like, thanks!” – TB, Livingston, Montana

Editing: Clean up your manuscript, polish your writing tone or refine your words to make your meaning clear. $30/hour.

Writing, Web Content, Developmental Editing: $45/hour.