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  1. there is always a moment when we fill in such horrific human space…with God…and become brighter…or with bitterness…and add to the darkness….
    Rumi is good…you sent me that book years ago…and yes, it is a go-to in heartache…and in heart-full.
    Bless you for your shared heart….namaste

  2. Susan, a friend recently send me the following Guidance from Eileen Caddy. Reading your heartfelt words to emanate light and radiate healing reminded me of the importance of ” Each Day Link Up All Those Working For The Light”

    The linking up with all the Network of Light at this time is very important. All must be alerted and on their toes in readiness for the days ahead. Each day when linking up all those working for the Light, visualise this going on all over the world. See the Lights become brighter, the links become stronger, so the whole Network of Light is firmly established and functioning, as it should be. You will find a great bond of unity and oneness growing up between all Light centres. Each has its specific part to play in the whole but all are united in the Light. Allow nothing to divide you. All must follow their own inner guidance and do what they know they must do without being swayed by any other centre. You are all part of a perfect whole and have your unique part to play, so play it to the full. There is a tremendous work going on at this time. Expand your consciousness and you will be able to see it and appreciate what is happening. Do not become insular; this is a Universal Operation and every Light bearer is involved.

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