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20170810_073657What makes your heart sing? Traditionally resonance has to do with deep sound. For me it is a subtle vibration that enlivens me from the inside out. It moves me.

Perhaps a flower makes your heart happy. A bunny or a bird. A good friend. A discovery that was right in front of you all the time. A new idea, inspiration, revelation. A penny from heaven.

Resonance is a lesson in listening. And allowing the heart to run the show. Sometimes it may seem to be the right thing, the logical choice, according to all of our old patterns of doing and being.

Wait a moment. Stop and breathe deeply through the heart. Is it telling you something different? Do you feel the strings of the heart vibrating to a new tune? Is there another choice?

This is where resonance is found. It is sometimes very quiet. It is sometimes deeply hidden. It is new truth. It is the voice of the real you. It is understanding unfolding like a soft blossom. I am learning to listen.


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