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  1. Thank You for the reminder keep it simple and open your heart and you will hear the message! It’s such a busy time of year I often forget to listen for the message!! If you get a St Bernard named Suzie I will come out and dog sit for you… Merry Christmas

  2. Thanks Kitty! No room for a Saint Bernard in my cozy apartment, but maybe someday. Enjoy the season!

  3. What a beautiful message, Susan. I love the idea of keeping our expressions heartfelt and keeping our hearts open to the messages around us. Sometimes I feel like I am in sync with this, and other days, I’m a bit more “autopilot.” Thank you for this perfect reminder to read during this oh-so-busy time of year!

  4. Thanks Victoria! My messages tend to come in bunches, then all is quiet for awhile…assimilation time?

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