HeartSupport Life Coaching is a practical action-oriented process to help you navigate the path to your authentic self. Even in these dramatically changing times, we can explore your journey together so that you can make better decisions and lead a more wholehearted lifestyle. You may find yourself creating more fulfilling relationships or finding the job that really fits your goals and passions. You’ll discover new meaning in the challenges before you and learn to trust your own inner guidance system, re-setting the stage for a new production of your best life.

When your life….

  • Fills you with stress, anxiety and frustration or turns a corner and you are left feeling helpless
  • Demands a difficult decision, breaks your heart or needs a radical transformation
  • Asks you to re-evaluate everything inside and out

…it’s a good time for a HeartSupport Life Coaching session.

Why HeartSupport Coaching?

I orginally founded the HeartSupport Life Coaching program because I recognize that our hearts need assistance as they start beating to the new rhythm of a revitalized life – not always an easy process, especially when transformation is the order of the day. Years ago when I was formulating my program, I described it to my then 12-year-old tech-savvy friend as he sat at his computer. He understood right away and responded, “Oh, so it’s like Tech Support, only it’s Heart Support.” That dynamic remains the foundation of my Coaching program.

I am here to support you, to help you find clarity and to assist you in overcoming the obstacles and solving the problems you are facing. And to offer my intuitive guidance in the process. Working together, we can create a plan of action, revitalize your goals, celebrate your victories and activate your own inner wisdom and vision.

“Working with Susan was so helpful to me. Her sincerity and intelligence made me feel safe enough to begin the work of self-discovery. Working with her as a partner, I discovered the tools and the courage to move my life forward.” ~ Phyllis H, New York, N.Y.

Coaching & Inspirational Readings

As part of the HeartSupport program, I also offer Heart2Heart Readings. The universal signs and symbols included in the card decks I use often hold the keys to deeper understanding and offer uplifting visual messages to spark your next steps or answer your questions. Although the cards presented to you are chosen at random, they unfailing apply to your personal situation and often reveal information that is just on the edge of awareness, arising for resolution. I am always amazed at the power of these intuitive and inspirational readings!

“Susan has a beautiful gift in reading cards. I was at ease from the moment we began. Her grace, ease and candor made the whole experience illuminating and yet simple. From her reading I took with me a peace and joy in its life affirming message.”
~ SH, Austin, Texas

“Whether it’s a caution she senses, or a blessing waiting in the wings, Susan clues in to the arriving ‘telegram’ and helps you receive it in comfort. Her readings are well worth a try for anyone looking for some below-the-surface possibilities that might be just around the corner.” ~ KF, Buffalo, NY

You may choose to have a Heart2Heart Reading as a single session or you may add a reading to any or all of your HeartSupport Coaching sessions.