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I believe in a friendly universe that is not only listening to us but also sending us messages. Whether it be pennies or feathers or funny little seeming coincidences, I’m convinced that if we recognize those cosmic winks and express our gratitude, the conversation will continue.

This is a Blog Corner for some stories from my own life. And it’s a place for your stories too! I’d love to hear about the messages you have received and what they have meant to you. Send them to and we’ll post them here.

If you would like to receive my Blog regularly, please send me your email to and I will happily add you to the list.


Winks & Wisdoms — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Susan, So glad to find your blog – I enjoy reading your loving wisdom. Especially can visualize you unpacking your pencils and goodies to read, while basking in nature – which I’m sure basked itself in all the love you are. Thank you for all you share!

  2. Hi Susan, I love your new website! Thank you for sharing it. I love the “winks and wisdom” because it reminds me of all the special little gifts and hints I receive when I’m searching for solution or answers to even the simplest, every day ‘rocks in my path’. And from now on, I will pick up the pennies. I used to leave them, hoping for a quarter or a dollar instead, but now I will cherish them as gifts as well. Thank you 🙂

  3. Forgot to say thank you, Donna for your comment. It was indeed a magical day at the picnic table!

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