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Are you creating a beautiful life? — 8 Comments

  1. Yes, a life as a work of art, indeed! A noble life, a life lived on principle, a life lived in generous compassion, this is beauty, this is worth all our time and striving. Many have lived to demonstrate such. Thich Nhat Hanh comes to mind, as does Elizabeth Prophet, and Albert Schweitzer, and Mother Teresa, and many, many more, though often unsung they be…

  2. Outside my window, a beautiful Cherry tree is blooming…pink bursts of pure loveliness…..a yearly yearning outpictured from a long and dormant winter……it promises Renewal…..Une Autre Opportunite…..

    Always a Work in Progress., Susan…..thank you for your witness to creating a Beautiful Life….

  3. A beautiful image of that cherry tree, Kathleen, I can almost see it! Keep creating 💖

  4. Thank you Susan. I love this one! I thought about your question and the answer I came to, along with all things of beauty and quotes of beauty noted here in this blog, are the beautiful friends and family I have in my life! I am surrounded by beautiful hearts that fill my life with laughter, love and gratitude, and, I realize, play a major role in my creating a beautiful life!🪷🌞 💖

  5. Thank you, Emily, for your hearfelt response! I agree and find myself reaching further out into the community to amplify the beauty…. store owners, new neighbors, local mechanic, delivery drivers, etc. Even a smile or word of encouragement goes a long way and in turn brightens my own day. Keep shining your beautiful light!

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