Whether you’d prefer your life be more peaceful and organized
or more colorful and free-wheeling, or even both, you’ve
landed in the right place.

HeartSupport Life Coaching

Becoming who you really are is a lifetime practice and there’s no time like the present to do some fine tuning. With the world around us changing dramatically, we are called upon to accelerate that practice and to Live Life Vibrant. HeartSupport Life Coaching will jump start your journey by celebrating your unique gifts and approaching your life with an in-depth understanding of where you’d like to go, who you dream of being and the best ways to get there.

Join me for a HeartSupport Life Coaching session and open a new chapter in your book of life. To insight and inspiration, we’ll add practical action steps to head you in the direction of your authentic self. We’ll identify your strengths and beliefs and put them to use overcoming the inevitable obstacles we find along the path. We’ll combat the old patterns and prevailing attitudes by activating your own self-knowledge.

Meet Susan Harrow

As a Life Coach, Problem Solver, Envisioning & Creativity Advocate and Heart2Heart Intuitive, I can help you find answers, make decisions and discover innovative solutions, giving your life a creative upgrade in a variety of ways.

I’ve upgraded my own life over and over under the spacious skies of Montana – for so many years I’m almost considered a native. When I opened my tiny home business long ago, I was taking photographs of the mountains, rivers, wildflowers and sunsets that were constantly inspiring me It was then I named my business Blue Heaven.

Long before it was publicly popular, I became a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Blue Heaven has since expanded to embrace HeartSupport Life Coaching and Living Life Vibrant, as well as Vision Boarding and Envisioning Consultations, Creativity Advocate, Collaborative Personal Home Projects and Writing Services. Click on the Services page to find out how Blue Heaven can help you.

See my whole story at About Susan.

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