Whether you’d prefer your life be more peaceful and organized
or more colorful and free-wheeling, or even both, you’ve landed in the right place.

Intuitive Guidance

home-successBecoming who you really are is a lifetime practice, but there’s no time like the present to do some fine tuning. Intuitive Guidance will jumpstart your journey by celebrating your unique gifts and approaching your life with an in-depth understanding of where you’d like to go and who you dream of being.

Join me for an Intuitive Guidance Session and open a new chapter in your book of life. To insight and inspiration, we’ll add practical action steps to head you in the direction of your authentic self. We’ll identify your strengths and beliefs and put them to use overcoming the inevitable obstacles we find along the path, activating your own self-knowledge.

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Susan-SanFrancisco-Buddha-2a1Meet Susan Harrow
As a Coach, Intuitive Problem Solver and Oracle Card Reader, I can help you find answers, make decisions and create innovative solutions, giving your life a creative upgrade.

For me, to Live Life Vibrant is to be in resonance with our real selves. It is how we respond to life’s challenges. It is like the sound of the string of a finely tuned instrument, vibrating the unique melody of our souls.

It is our own inner dynamism rising up to deal with our relationships, our careers, our health & wealth, and our reason for being.

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