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20180517_192218As a Virgo sun sign (and moon too for that matter), I like things to be smooth, lined up, planned, and although I hesitate to use the word, perfect. Over the years, I’ve gradually learned to flow more, give space for what we call the human condition and treat myself a little more kindly. Some days are harder than others.

Even when my own life appears relatively calm, however, friends let me know about their difficulties and sometimes I have trouble embracing it all. I yearn to be able to go to each one and calm their fears, help reorganize their house, understand their situations, feed their dog,  be helpful, set things aright.

Reality check.  I have to start right where I am on this chilly, rainy, spring morning. I choose cleaning and creativity. I think they go together sometimes. Sweep and mop the floors. Update my vision board. Share these thoughts. Attend to whatever comes my way. Listen to my heart. It’s a form of active prayer, like the spin of the whirling dervishes.

May comfort result. May the rain bring blossoms and blessings. May love expand.


When everything seems to be askew — 5 Comments

  1. Lovely! Theosophical astrologer Dane Rudhyar wrote that later in life we tend toward the polar opposite of our sun sign. So you are approaching the broad universality of Pisces.

  2. So, THAT’s what I’ve always admired about you, Susan! I also have Sun/Moon(and Venus) in the ‘perfect’ sign! Why doesn’t everyone listen to us more?!? Apparently, we just have to find enough patience to await their awakening, eh? 😉
    Yet, I find hope in Alexandria’s comment (maybe it would’ve happened sooner if I’d ‘listened’ more carefully to my Pisces Mid-heaven?).

  3. Haha. I am also reminded to mention a quote from Yogananda which I have always remembered: Spiritual people create their own astrology. Onward to creating!

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