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waxwingsIt took awhile to understand that the Cedar Waxwings had brought me a message. As I learned more about Cedar Waxwings, I found that they usually travel together in large flocks and often help each other out in various ways. Sometimes they line up on the branch of a tree. They love berries. The first one puts a berry in his beak but he doesn’t eat it. He passes it to the next one in line, and this continues until it reaches the last bird!

This part of their message reminded me how connected we all are, how much we need each other and how we can offer one another support in so many different ways.

I also found that Cedar Waxwings bring a message of transitioning with grace. Ah! So timely since I am in the midst of a rather profound change, a realization of who I have been and who I am now, and the process of healing the past in order to move forward. Transition is not easy. We stumble, we revert, we take another step upward. We face doubt, fear and lack of love. We push ahead when we don’t really know where we are going. I’m sure you understand.

All of this and I welcome Grace to my doorstep. I’ve also noted that the Cedar Waxwings were right outside my front door. I’ve never seen them there before and haven’t seen them since. Messengers indeed!

May Grace invade your thoughts, heal your uncertainties and open your heart to untold Blessings.


What the Cedar Waxwings taught me — 2 Comments

  1. They are on Twitter😄Everything around us can be the messenger of lessons if we observe and contemplate what they may mean for us personally. If we interpret all that surrounds us as a message, reflection or meditation, we can be informed to our souls communications to us. Grow and evolve!

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