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peonyI love America’s birthday holiday… parades, marching bands, rodeos, barbecues, fireworks and our flag flying in the breeze. This country was built on grander visions and great hope for the future and deserves to be celebrated in style.

This year I am also meditating upon the sweet fragrance of freedom and independence within. It is not an easy journey for any one of us to rid our paths of obstacles, burdens and old habit patterns which prevent our progress on the path.

Decisions are not always easily made. Problems sometimes do not have easy or immediate solutions. Resources used for years somehow do not meet the challenges we face in the present. Relationships change unexpectedly, as may jobs, health issues, financial situations and states of mind.

I have been thinking on what makes me feel free and independent and attempting to act from there.   For me, it’s the day-to-day seemingly small decisions that keep me in the spirit, sometimes moment to moment.  Am I treating others kindly? Am I treating myself kindly? As kindly as the fragrance of a a peony blossom?

Questions to ponder and meanwhile may we all be inspired by greater vision, hope for the future and the spirit of freedom and independence that connects our hearts and moves us forward!


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