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20170527_160233The art of listening to Spirit is a delightful practice. Sometimes patience is required, and often discrimination. And you never know where or how the angels are going to conspire to make sure you have gotten the message.

There are pennies in the parking lot, and feathers on the pathway. There are overheard conversations in the grocery store or airport that are clearly meant for you. There are bumper stickers, license plates and birds on your windowsill.

A few days ago I was doing an oracle card reading for myself with an interesting new set of cards. When oracle cards have the right spiritual messages and inspired artwork, they often bring deeper meaning to the questions you are asking. I was asking what I needed to know about my current work doing coaching, card readings, writing and blogging, vision workshops, studying healing with crystals and the power of energy work.

One of the cards that was drawn was titled The Master Artisan. It pictured a light-filled artisan’s workshop rich with beautiful pottery, paintings, gemstones and other artifacts, tended to by both master and apprentices. The message spoke of offering my talents and gifts to the world, and to not hold back from sharing. Gulp. I always find this such a fine line to walk, and I found myself hesitating a bit about the message.

Later that same day I was driving on the highway. I was passing a van which had a business name on the side, and I glanced to my right briefly. I don’t even remember what kind of business it was (painting? renovating?), but the business named began with “Artisan…” No coincidence here! I thought back to the card I had drawn and was sure I was being reminded.

And a few days before I had even posted a mini-vision board for myself of an artist’s studio with paints and brushes and flowers and a window looking into the future. The caption below read, “Your creativity has no limits.” In this case, it was time to listen to myself.

Thanks for listening and I am always delighted to hear your stories of messages from heaven.

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