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ger2When the New Year dawned, I found myself incredibly optimistic. Somehow the sight of those two zeros in 2020 indicated to me more light, space and a bigger clean white page than ever. As the year has progressed, it started to feel a little more rocky but was still manageable.

Now here we are in the unimaginable. Like most people I have been in touch with, the roller coaster continues to roll. We are called upon to be disciplinarians of our hygiene, our contacts, our decisions and our thoughts. This is not a new assignment but the guidelines are definitely stricter. Trust is tested.

And yet the vision I have is that great waves of Light are embracing the planet and filling in all the spaces that now feel like they are empty…..highways, byways, places of business, and hugs of love and friendship. This is the vision I am attempting to maintain while meanwhile checking the everpresent news locally and globally.

May all of our visions of a brighter future form a web of Light. May we always expect the unexpected. May you and your family be well.

While my gernanium continues its joyful blooming, I would love to hear your visions.


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