Messages from Spirit

20170527_160233The art of listening to Spirit is a delightful practice. Sometimes patience is required, and often discrimination. And you never know where or how the angels are going to conspire to make sure you have gotten the message.

There are pennies in the parking lot, and feathers on the pathway. There are overheard conversations in the grocery store or airport that are clearly meant for you. There are bumper stickers, license plates and birds on your windowsill.

A few days ago I was doing an oracle card reading for myself with an interesting new set of cards. When oracle cards have the right spiritual messages and inspired artwork, they often bring deeper meaning to the questions you are asking. I was asking what I needed to know about my current work doing coaching, card readings, writing and blogging, vision workshops, studying healing with crystals and the power of energy work.

One of the cards that was drawn was titled The Master Artisan. It pictured a light-filled artisan’s workshop rich with beautiful pottery, paintings, gemstones and other artifacts, tended to by both master and apprentices. The message spoke of offering my talents and gifts to the world, and to not hold back from sharing. Gulp. I always find this such a fine line to walk, and I found myself hesitating a bit about the message.

Later that same day I was driving on the highway. I was passing a van which had a business name on the side, and I glanced to my right briefly. I don’t even remember what kind of business it was (painting? renovating?), but the business named began with “Artisan…” No coincidence here! I thought back to the card I had drawn and was sure I was being reminded.

And a few days before I had even posted a mini-vision board for myself of an artist’s studio with paints and brushes and flowers and a window looking into the future. The caption below read, “Your creativity has no limits.” In this case, it was time to listen to myself.

Thanks for listening and I am always delighted to hear your stories of messages from heaven.

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Listening for alerts

20170707_081245This bunny is hard to see as he is disguising himself as a mulch rock. His little eyes were watching me as I framed him in a photo. When he heard the click of the smartphone camera, he took off.

What followed next was like an animated cartoon. A black and white cat, who had been stealthily watching him from somewhere behind both of us, took off after him. That little cotton ball tail was bouncing, with the cat in full pursuit. Down the block they went flying over sidewalks and lawns. The cat’s long legs were racing, but that little bunny was quite a bit faster.

Once I caught up to where I’d seen them round the next corner, I saw a glimpse of black and white well hidden behind a bush, crouched and ready for more fun. And the bunny? Nowhere to be found.

The tiny click of my camera doesn’t seem like much of an alert, but it proved to be the impetus for that bunny. Sometimes the message of alert we receive is quiet and almost unnoticeable. Sometimes it comes from the least expected source.

However it was a reminder to me to listen. Listen carefully. Don’t doubt the messages you are getting, wherever they may come from. You may be alerted to danger or to a bit of fun. You may discover a clue to the next step on your journey or to an amazing inspired opportunity.


20170508_103735For many years, I have been finding pennies – sidewalks, parking lots, shiny, not so shiny, in the dirt, among the rocks, etc. Twice I have found folded dollar bills ( Those were special occasions involving direct angelic intervention ‎and I knew the message was extra important. In all cases, I have felt that I was being reminded that I was on the right track.

During the last 3 or 4 weeks I have been finding dimes. This strikes me as quite unusual. I pick out a parking place in a large lot, get out of my car and right there next to my foot is the third dime in a row. Something is going on here! A friend sent me some information about the symbolic meaning. Dimes represent fresh starts, coming full circle and returning to our center. More importantly to me, dimes have come to mean shiny opportunities once thought lost, and are considered beacons of promise.

As a child, I was a reader. When so many others were out playing sports and doing all the after school activities, I was in my room reading. When I left home and began to travel to New York and London, my goal was to be a writer. Destiny, of course, took me in lots of different directions and required some tough spiritual lessons along the way. I never gave up on the idea, but I had numerous roads to travel first and the goal became a distant dream.

And so I realize the message of the dimes… after so many years, I can place my focus back on writing. An opportunity once thought lost has come full circle. Whether it be blog or story, coaching article or novel, I love to share my thoughts and stories through writing. The universe, as always, through dimes or dollars, kindly reminds us of our purpose, our direction and that we are being watched over and blessed.

Fleurs pop up

purple fleurs

And then all of a sudden, things change. I passed by the place where the crocuses were pushing up and somewhat bedraggled. Right next to them these brilliant little purple flowers had popped up, fresh and full of vitality. Passing snowstorms notwithstanding, they are courageously taking their stand. There is a lesson here.

Plants are full of energy and certainly respond to their environment, our loving attention and certain vibrations. However, I don’t think they are distracted by memories, passing emotions or feelings of inadequacy. They are unmoved, perhaps in a very Buddhic way, by all but their firm dedication to their purpose. Although perhaps not as purposeful, it reminds me of this tale titled “Maybe.”

There is a Taoist story of an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit. “Such bad luck,” they said sympathetically. “Maybe,” the farmer replied. The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses. “How wonderful,” the neighbors exclaimed.
“Maybe,” replied the old man. The following day, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses, was thrown, and broke his leg. The neighbors again came to offer their sympathy on his misfortune. “Maybe,” answered the farmer. The day after, military officials came to the village to draft young men into the army. Seeing that the son’s leg was broken, they passed him by. The neighbors congratulated the farmer on how well things had turned out. “Maybe,” said the farmer.

The farmer is not indifferent, and at least in my imagination, remains aware that he is in reality the creator his life. He is also keenly aware, or should we be so, that we are participating with the universe/God/the angels and that intercession/detour/distraction is part of the game. Sometimes the wind blows east, sometimes west. Can we remain unmoved, centered and peacefully secure ‘under our own vine and fig tree’?

I’m delighted, or perhaps amazed, that I am receiving these unspoken messages from these little flowers, whose name I don’t even know. The movements of spring are fearless in the face of it all. Lesson learned.


With my orchid in full bloom, I keep finding intuition in the air. Stories and situations are coming my way to indicate that often we know, and we don’t know how we know, but we just know. And sometimes it produces a feeling of such sensation that goosebumps appear.

A recent 20/20 episode featured people looking for their long lost relatives – biological mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, etc. One woman was determined to find her half-brother. She wasn’t even sure he knew he had a sister. She contacted genealogist Pam Slaton, who helps people with their searches with her deep investigative skills. Gina felt a strong need to make contact and was elated when Pam called saying she thought she had found the brother. Gina called and for a number of times her brother was not available or did not have time for such an important conversation, so she still hadn’t confirmed that it was indeed her brother. During this process of phone calls, Gina went for a night out with her husband to a casino. As they stood watching gamblers at the table, Gina had a very strong sensation that the man she was viewing from the back was her brother. She had goosebumps and shivers but did not have the nerve to approach him. The next day she was able to speak on the phone to his wife and confirm that indeed he had been at the casino the night before! Gina’s intention had been so strong that she came within a few feet of her brother before they finally met. Eventually she was able to make full contact and a wonderful reunion ensued.

The program even commented that sometimes these mysteries are solved by research and investigation, and sometimes by intuition. I’m so glad that these gifts of the spirit are finally being acknowledged. Here’s another story: in a recent phone call with an East Coast friend, I discovered that she was in a new relationship. How that meeting took place gave me goosebumps. This was a person she had known around her community for years. Years past she had worked at a restaurant and he had been a friend of the bartender. His son had attended the same school as her daughter. She’d run into him occasionally at community events. Over the holidays they had ended up at the same party. All of a sudden she said she saw him looking at her from across the room. She’d had a goosebump kind of feeling and as they came together and talked, she realized she had always known him but in an instant she saw him in an entirely different light. She called it “the moment.” They’re now dating and in the process of mutual discovery. I was celebrating when she told me the story – for her good fortune and for that indescribable moment of knowing.

I do believe that despite (or perhaps because of) the current unsettling movements in politics, religion and long-held outdated beliefs, another wave of understanding is reaching many who understand that we all have a deep inner knowing of many things seen and unseen. Sometimes goosebumps arise, but meanwhile we are learning to trust the messages the universe brings us and celebrate their appearance.

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Expect miracles

I’ve finally begun to understand the phrase “Expect miracles.” It’s not whimsy or like blowing out the birthday candle. It’s a practice. In many cases, wishing includes wanting, leaving a big gap between where we are and where we would like to be. Practicing gratitude and unswerving belief closes the gap and puts you in the place where miracles are already happening.

For some time I’ve been thinking about another chair for my living room. Because it’s a relatively small space, I didn’t want something big and heavy but was still seeking comfort and perhaps a place to put my feet up and read by the window. Last week in the mail I got a flyer addressed to Resident featuring a big sale on recliners at a large local furniture outlet. Even though the chairs looked large, the prices were good and perhaps they might have something that suited me. In any case, it was a clue that it was time to go shopping.

Yesterday was the day. Armed with the flyer and a price ceiling in mind, I planned my route. First I’d stop by the used furniture store just in case they might have something. Then I’d head out to the big furniture stores. Even though I was excited about the possibilities, I found myself dragging my feet a little at the prospect of the big stores, aggressive sales people and the temptation to spend too much. Nevertheless I headed out and began wandering the used furniture store. It’s a great place, feels like family and you’re always greeted by a very mellow golden retriever.

There in the back room was just the type of chair I was looking for, and didn’t even know it. Not too big, in good condition, soft and comfy and with a matching ottoman. Then I looked at the price tag. It was less than half of my planned expense. I was so surprised that I kind of wandered around the store and tried some other chairs I knew I didn’t want. I even thought of going to the big stores and coming back. Then I caught myself and realized my little “miracle” had just occurred and I better say yes!

The chair had just arrived at the used store the night before and the ottoman was included in the amazingly low price. Since I live on the third floor with no elevator, I signed on to have the store deliver, which brought the total to just half of my projected spending. I think the store owner was a little surprised at my absolute delight. It wasn’t just the chair. It was all the little details of a miracle, which by now I should realize are part of my creative visualization process. The gratitude literally rushed through me while I paid the bill. And that’s what I mean by practice. Follow the clues, listen closely, watch miracles unfold, express your gratitude, realize that you can make things happen with your faith and belief, and move forward with love in your heart.

PS Forgot to take a picture of the chair, which will be delivered tomorrow. This is an orchid I’ve had for over 3 years, which goes quiet for long periods of time and then all of a sudden begins to bloom. Another miracle that keeps on happening.

Finding Joy

christmas tree
‘Tis the season to be sure, but finding joy is sometimes a very elusive event. I liken it to following the flight of a kite, subject only to the whim of the wind. Or perhaps to a magnificent cloud formation that changes shape and form even as we behold it. If I had to give joy a personality, it would be that of a fairy or elf, appearing with a flutter of wings or a twinkle in the eye but vanishing just as soon.

Yesterday I went to the jeweler’s in the mall just to have a couple of knots unwound from a fine chain necklace. The humble pride of the jeweler in doing the job was so evident. “Oh,” he said, “I do this all the time, many times a day.” The knots were unraveled so quickly and he kindly affixed the chain back on for me. No charge and “Merry Christmas.” What a joyful interchange. And the mall was packed with children hopping and skipping, babes in arms and men waiting patiently on the benches for their shopping wives. Hustle and bustle but I was in the midst of joy.

I found a shiny penny in the grocery store parking lot peeking out from slightly melted snow and ice. In such moments you think, “Aha! I have found joy!” And then the moment passes, the present has become the past and now I am in the future wondering where the joy escaped to this time. It is rather like a geyser erupting. When it does, the power of that steamy water shooting heavenward is magnificent. And then all is so quiet again.

I’m sure we all know that joy really resides in the heart, but don’t we still seek it somewhere outside ourselves? Sometimes meeting with old friends brings back memories of times when our connection was deep and profound and the whole experience of an hour together becomes days worth of joy. My clever brother wrapped his packages in newspaper and they look so understatedly joyful under the tree, speaking of his practicality and fine wit.

Perhaps I should remember that not only am I seeking joy, joy is also seeking me. Joy is seeking you. Somehow at Christmas in lights and song, joy seems to be multiplying. May your hearts and homes be filled up with that magical elusive quality we call Joy.

Neighborhood messages


Just as I have been writing about our true nature and attuning to the higher realm, I found this lovely expression in an overnight snow right near my garage yesterday. Someone took the time to create footprints of love. It lightened my day and reminded me to keep life simple, focus on the essentials and make my interactions and expressions heartfelt.
This morning as I walked in the crispy air along the duck pond trail, there was definitely love in the air along with a lot of quacking and conversation. I wondered if they were considering whether to stay for the winter. The pond is almost all frozen and they were huddled in one corner where the water is still flowing. Perhaps they were discussing warmer destinations. The lesson for me was to love the ones you’re with and make the best of your circumstances, even if a change is necessary.

Finally along the trail I met a man with a beautiful Saint Bernard who jumped up joyfully to greet me. I asked if the dog was still young, because she was smaller than some. She was 10 months old, just past puppyhood. I have always thought that if I ever had a dog (not so feasible in a third floor apartment), it would be a Saint Bernard. Perhaps it’s my imagination but they seem so determined and mission oriented.12-01-05045

I remember tales of climbers being rescued from snowbound situations on the high mountain trails of the Alps. Anyway, it’s one of those dreams that has swirled around me for many years. As the man walked away, he called the dog to follow saying, “C’mon Suzy.” Hmmm. I’m usually a Susan and not a Suzy, but it was close enough to remind me not to give up on my dreams. Sorry no picture of the actual Suzy, but she looked something like this.

All this to say that if your heart is open, the messages will appear. Sometimes you don’t have to travel far. God Winks and I am reminded that the universe is listening, lessons are rolling in and I only need be grateful to realize that I’m on the right track.

Jay & Chip

It started with a early morning dream. I was looking at my cellphone which said “4 messages.” But of course I woke up before I could get them. As the day proceeded at my retreat by the lake, the messages revealed themselves. First a phone call (isn’t it great we have cellphones in the woods???), which was actually some long-awaited good news. And then a chance meeting with the resort owner, who I had been looking for and trying to connect with (she’s now an old friend). As I settled at my picnic table in the sun outside my cabin with sketch book, pencils and markers, journal and new and exciting reading materials, I felt free of daily affairs and ready to dive into the space of ideas and art and inspiration. Then the other two messages arrived so visibly and clearly that I had no choice but to look, listen and learn.
The first was a big jay bird. I didn’t have time for pictures, so this is the closest I can find. He didn’t just fly by. He perched right up on the chair next to my table and looked at me intently. Wow! I could only sit still and be astonished. When I recovered enough to look up the symbolism of this bird, I found phrases like “bold and inquistive, investigating and learning new ideas,” and “creative intelligence uncovers the sacred interconnection of all things.” All at my tablecloth-covered picnic table full of my own explorations.

Before long, the final message came in the form of a tiny chipmunk. There are lots of squirrels and chipmunks in the area, and this photo doesn’t do much justice to the little guy who scampered right up near my feet and looked up at me, smiling. Well, anyway, I saw a smile!chipmunk2
And the symbolism for chipmunks? “Magic is afoot! Adventure and exploration. Gifts of artistic endeavors and creativity. Synchronicities are in the air.” No kidding. I actually had the distinct feeling that the universe was rushing in to give me comfort, reassurance and a big boost of confidence on my intuitive journey.

Getting a Raise


Many of us find pennies in our pathways – shiny or old, in the parking lot or on the sidewalk, or any number of odd places. I always interpret them to mean I am on the right track. Then a friend of mine reported to me that she had found a quarter and rightly interpreted it to mean that God was giving her a raise! I loved that interpretation. Not long after that, I was on my regular morning walk. I was on a part of my street with no sidewalks, so I was just walking down the street itself past an empty lot. There were no houses nearby or no cars parked in that area. But there right in my pathway was a folded up dollar bill! Well, I surmised, God has given me a bonus!