Buds, snow and fresh air

budsandsnowMontana this morning was blessed with a thick wet blanket of snow. The trees and bushes were coated, as if painted in the night with a big white brush. The beauty was enchanting. I went for my afternoon walk mid-morning, breathing in the refreshment, and found these spring buds topped off with snow frosting.

The current advice is that fresh air is an excellent, if not vital, addition to staying at home, however you can get it. Safe and distanced, of course. One article even suggested that if you couldn’t go out, for example in the cities, you could open the window and put a fan there blowing that air right into your house or apartment. That made me laugh a bit, picturing my New York City friends sitting there right next to the fire escape.

We also need fresh air in our hearts and minds. Sometimes I awaken and feel blessed and quiet and wondering what the day will bring (and occasionally what day is it, anyway?). Then I remember the reality of our collective situation and myself somewhat discouraged. I have to look for ways to refresh my thoughts and comfort my heart.

For me, beauty, creativity and communication are my best answers. Therefore, more blogs! I rejoice to see paper hearts decorating windows and doors all over the country. Each of us has a story to tell. And stories of love and care for one another are becoming headlines. Neighbors are being neighbors. People are getting quite creative in all kinds of ways, from curbside pickup to virtual classrooms and concerts. I do not mean to diminish the tragedies taking place but I have to look for reasons to remain joyful and strong in the midst of it all.

I send love and blessings and would love to hear your stay-at-home story.

Making room for more Light

ger2When the New Year dawned, I found myself incredibly optimistic. Somehow the sight of those two zeros in 2020 indicated to me more light, space and a bigger clean white page than ever. As the year has progressed, it started to feel a little more rocky but was still manageable.

Now here we are in the unimaginable. Like most people I have been in touch with, the roller coaster continues to roll. We are called upon to be disciplinarians of our hygiene, our contacts, our decisions and our thoughts. This is not a new assignment but the guidelines are definitely stricter. Trust is tested.

And yet the vision I have is that great waves of Light are embracing the planet and filling in all the spaces that now feel like they are empty…..highways, byways, places of business, and hugs of love and friendship. This is the vision I am attempting to maintain while meanwhile checking the everpresent news locally and globally.

May all of our visions of a brighter future form a web of Light. May we always expect the unexpected. May you and your family be well.

While my gernanium continues its joyful blooming, I would love to hear your visions.

The Fragrance of Freedom and Independence

peonyI love America’s birthday holiday… parades, marching bands, rodeos, barbecues, fireworks and our flag flying in the breeze. This country was built on grander visions and great hope for the future and deserves to be celebrated in style.

This year I am also meditating upon the sweet fragrance of freedom and independence within. It is not an easy journey for any one of us to rid our paths of obstacles, burdens and old habit patterns which prevent our progress on the path.

Decisions are not always easily made. Problems sometimes do not have easy or immediate solutions. Resources used for years somehow do not meet the challenges we face in the present. Relationships change unexpectedly, as may jobs, health issues, financial situations and states of mind.

I have been thinking on what makes me feel free and independent and attempting to act from there.   For me, it’s the day-to-day seemingly small decisions that keep me in the spirit, sometimes moment to moment.  Am I treating others kindly? Am I treating myself kindly? As kindly as the fragrance of a a peony blossom?

Questions to ponder and meanwhile may we all be inspired by greater vision, hope for the future and the spirit of freedom and independence that connects our hearts and moves us forward!

More about the wild yellow rose

yellow roseAt first I said this wild rose was entrancing and mysterious. It drew me in. Of course, I love the wildness of it, just offering it’s beauty so freely. And I’m getting to the mystery part.

Traditionally, the yellow rose symbolizes the sun, life-giving warmth and warm feelings, friendship, optimism and joy. In Eastern cultures it also is the color of wisdom.

According to meditation experts, visualizing yellow for a long period of time makes communication between people easier and brings about the power of words and expression. So here I write.

I’ve thought about how uplifting this rose seemed to be. I guess the mystery is the way I felt there was a message deep inside those precious petals. Memories perhaps of the warm green foliage outside my Grandmother’s home in Atlanta where I sat on her steps in the sun at a young age when my hair was yellow curls. Maybe it’s the friendliness of living in a smaller town where some gardens are wild, some are tended to carefully and some are filled with weeds. Wildly authentic, it takes all kinds. And then there’s the Eastern wisdom, the secrets deeply embedded in our psyches yet so often forgotten, teachings hidden in the mountains which are ours to rediscover and use to open our hearts and minds.

And very simply, I feel touched by how this rose reminds me of our friendship, dear readers. When I see your names popping up, I wonder how each and every one of you is navigating the path of life. May this entrancing yellow rose fill you with warm summer days, joy and the wisdom of the ages.


Bunnies are back

bunniesarebackAs many of my readers know, bunnies are an important symbol for me for creativity. And quite honestly, I haven’t been seeing bunnies for quite some time.

I recently engaged in some inner work, rediscovering my spiritual roots and getting me back on track. And it also returned me to my creativity, which for me is also a key to healing on a multitude of levels.

This may sound like a circular path but it’s truly a spiral of stepping higher and determining to keep heading in the direction I have always known is the right one for me, even if circumstances and situations look different.

And on this morning’s walk, my creativity symbol returned. This guy (or gal) thought disguising himself as a concrete curb would do the trick. He gave me a side glance but otherwise didn’t move a muscle even when the cellphone came out, firmly determined to make sure I got the message.

Everybody is creative in one way or other. Remember to celebrate yourself for it!

Tiny perfection

When I tiny perfectionstood close to these little blossoms, I was entranced by the perfection that had gone into creating them. Each one perfectly put together, like finely painted china or delicate lace. And there they stood quietly by the edge of a neighbor’s garage, just radiating their beauty and not caring who noticed.

Then I thought this is only one example, there are thousands of blossoms across the planet, tiny and perfect. There are birds of every color. There are monks in the mountains. There are millions of everyday saints, carrying wood, making flour tortillas, caring for the young and the old, fighting on a battlefield, repairing our cars. All these seemingly small creations and acts that quietly bear the signature of deep love.

There was a ladybug exploring my tiny patio garden yesterday. First roaming the pansies and then navigating some parsley sprigs. A tiny perfect little life doing whatever it is that ladybugs do. She seemed very sweet.

I am reminded that perfection is not really a human quality, but rather a divine one. Your creation or your action, your word or your works may even be crude or unfinished or not what was envisioned at all, but the kindness or compassion or joy involved may be a perfect love.

A friend recently gave me a delicately designed little notebook with the following admonition on the front: “Do small things with Great Love.” The message keeps repeating.

Carry on doing all the wonderfully perfect things you do!



When everything seems to be askew

20180517_192218As a Virgo sun sign (and moon too for that matter), I like things to be smooth, lined up, planned, and although I hesitate to use the word, perfect. Over the years, I’ve gradually learned to flow more, give space for what we call the human condition and treat myself a little more kindly. Some days are harder than others.

Even when my own life appears relatively calm, however, friends let me know about their difficulties and sometimes I have trouble embracing it all. I yearn to be able to go to each one and calm their fears, help reorganize their house, understand their situations, feed their dog,  be helpful, set things aright.

Reality check.  I have to start right where I am on this chilly, rainy, spring morning. I choose cleaning and creativity. I think they go together sometimes. Sweep and mop the floors. Update my vision board. Share these thoughts. Attend to whatever comes my way. Listen to my heart. It’s a form of active prayer, like the spin of the whirling dervishes.

May comfort result. May the rain bring blossoms and blessings. May love expand.

What the Cedar Waxwings taught me

waxwingsIt took awhile to understand that the Cedar Waxwings had brought me a message. As I learned more about Cedar Waxwings, I found that they usually travel together in large flocks and often help each other out in various ways. Sometimes they line up on the branch of a tree. They love berries. The first one puts a berry in his beak but he doesn’t eat it. He passes it to the next one in line, and this continues until it reaches the last bird!

This part of their message reminded me how connected we all are, how much we need each other and how we can offer one another support in so many different ways.

I also found that Cedar Waxwings bring a message of transitioning with grace. Ah! So timely since I am in the midst of a rather profound change, a realization of who I have been and who I am now, and the process of healing the past in order to move forward. Transition is not easy. We stumble, we revert, we take another step upward. We face doubt, fear and lack of love. We push ahead when we don’t really know where we are going. I’m sure you understand.

All of this and I welcome Grace to my doorstep. I’ve also noted that the Cedar Waxwings were right outside my front door. I’ve never seen them there before and haven’t seen them since. Messengers indeed!

May Grace invade your thoughts, heal your uncertainties and open your heart to untold Blessings.

Messages from Spirit

20170527_160233The art of listening to Spirit is a delightful practice. Sometimes patience is required, and often discrimination. And you never know where or how the angels are going to conspire to make sure you have gotten the message.

There are pennies in the parking lot, and feathers on the pathway. There are overheard conversations in the grocery store or airport that are clearly meant for you. There are bumper stickers, license plates and birds on your windowsill.

A few days ago I was doing an oracle card reading for myself with an interesting new set of cards. When oracle cards have the right spiritual messages and inspired artwork, they often bring deeper meaning to the questions you are asking. I was asking what I needed to know about my current work doing coaching, card readings, writing and blogging, vision workshops, studying healing with crystals and the power of energy work.

One of the cards that was drawn was titled The Master Artisan. It pictured a light-filled artisan’s workshop rich with beautiful pottery, paintings, gemstones and other artifacts, tended to by both master and apprentices. The message spoke of offering my talents and gifts to the world, and to not hold back from sharing. Gulp. I always find this such a fine line to walk, and I found myself hesitating a bit about the message.

Later that same day I was driving on the highway. I was passing a van which had a business name on the side, and I glanced to my right briefly. I don’t even remember what kind of business it was (painting? renovating?), but the business named began with “Artisan…” No coincidence here! I thought back to the card I had drawn and was sure I was being reminded.

And a few days before I had even posted a mini-vision board for myself of an artist’s studio with paints and brushes and flowers and a window looking into the future. The caption below read, “Your creativity has no limits.” In this case, it was time to listen to myself.

Thanks for listening and I am always delighted to hear your stories of messages from heaven.

More about me on other pages of the site: www.livelifevibrant.com

Blog Resurrected: Blind Spots

reality-illusionIt’s time to write, create, re-create, heal and move forward. Our slowly emerging Montana spring provides a most appropriate backdrop.

A friend recently asked me to do something important for her about 4 months from now. I found myself hesitating, stumbling around with my words, saying it was so hard to commit so far in advance, so hard to know what life would be like, and so on.

Later that evening I reflected on my reaction. This was a pattern of behavior based on some previous health challenges that had left life unpredictable. I was using an old, worn-out excuse, and operating from a stagnant mindset. And I had disappointed, and perhaps offended, a treasured friend.

I had allowed myself to be controlled by a habit and a limited vision of myself. I had walked right into a blind spot. It’s the feeling that the whole picture is blurred and you do not know how to exit the frame, that clarity is beyond your reach.

My reflection, however, turned to revelation. I had to stop and take action right away to clear the picture and move ahead. Late that same night, I sent a heartfelt email to my friend explaining what had happened. I stated my commitment to help her as she had requested. Fortunately, she is both wise and understanding.

The gracious result for me is that my own healing, body mind and spirit, has been uplifted and accelerated. There may be other blind spots ahead. May we face them squarely, learn their lessons quickly and lift the veil to proceed on our sacred journeys.