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bunniesarebackAs many of my readers know, bunnies are an important symbol for me for creativity. And quite honestly, I haven’t been seeing bunnies for quite some time.

I recently engaged in some inner work, rediscovering my spiritual roots and getting me back on track. And it also returned me to my creativity, which for me is also a key to healing on a multitude of levels.

This may sound like a circular path but it’s truly a spiral of stepping higher and determining to keep heading in the direction I have always known is the right one for me, even if circumstances and situations look different.

And on this morning’s walk, my creativity symbol returned. This guy (or gal) thought disguising himself as a concrete curb would do the trick. He gave me a side glance but otherwise didn’t move a muscle even when the cellphone came out, firmly determined to make sure I got the message.

Everybody is creative in one way or other. Remember to celebrate yourself for it!


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