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reality-illusionIt’s time to write, create, re-create, heal and move forward. Our slowly emerging Montana spring provides a most appropriate backdrop.

A friend recently asked me to do something important for her about 4 months from now. I found myself hesitating, stumbling around with my words, saying it was so hard to commit so far in advance, so hard to know what life would be like, and so on.

Later that evening I reflected on my reaction. This was a pattern of behavior based on some previous health challenges that had left life unpredictable. I was using an old, worn-out excuse, and operating from a stagnant mindset. And I had disappointed, and perhaps offended, a treasured friend.

I had allowed myself to be controlled by a habit and a limited vision of myself. I had walked right into a blind spot. It’s the feeling that the whole picture is blurred and you do not know how to exit the frame, that clarity is beyond your reach.

My reflection, however, turned to revelation. I had to stop and take action right away to clear the picture and move ahead. Late that same night, I sent a heartfelt email to my friend explaining what had happened. I stated my commitment to help her as she had requested. Fortunately, she is both wise and understanding.

The gracious result for me is that my own healing, body mind and spirit, has been uplifted and accelerated. There may be other blind spots ahead. May we face them squarely, learn their lessons quickly and lift the veil to proceed on our sacred journeys.


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